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In 2024, The Swiss Side continues its development. A new building as well as a new graphic identity will be released and available for our guests from October 2024. Follow the development of these important steps here below.

20231214-3039128-TSS-2-V3-capture-3d (5)_edited.jpg

Land & Main Building work

The main building is going to represent the heart of the new Swiss Side. Our future guests will be welcomed in a magnificent indoor garden which will lead them to our spa (cryotherapy & sauna), to the massage rooms and to the gym. On the upper floor, the dinning area (capacity of 35 people), a living area with a chimney and two balconies (indoor & outdoor) offering unique views. The building will also feature a professional kitchen, a professional laundry as well as some storage areas. Everything needed for a successful camp !

Containers transformation

The containers will form the accommodation part of our new project. Recycling some containers is for us a way to contribute to the climate, to offer ourselves some flexibility for the future and to propose an original concept to our guests. The containers will be extended to 305 cm large and will be composed of 4 studios of 22 m2 each, and 6 rooms with bathroom and toilets of 13.6 m2 each. This setting will allow 20 athletes to be hosted for now, with the possibility to add more containers in the future.

20231214-3039128-TSS-2-V3-capture-3d (8)_edited.jpg

Professional Kitchen

The catering side represents a challenge for our project for several reasons. First, the ingredients in Iten are very organic but limited, secondly, very few chefs with European standards are available around and thirdly, the space of the kitchen is limited (23 m2). We hired a professional company to design the kitchen including meal preparation, cooking, serving and washing area as well as storage. The designed kitchen will easily serve 35 guests which give us a potential of development for our accommodations in the future.

Indoor garden

The indoor garden will be the signature of our new project. Any guest entering the new Swiss Side will walk through it, and experience a truly amazing feeling of 360 degrees nature. The garden will be visible from most of the areas of the building, and be equipped with some amazing features to be revealed in some few months.

20231214-3039128-TSS-2-V3-capture-3d (14)_edited.jpg
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