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For the duration of an afternoon, our unique scenic hike guides you along the majestic Rift Valley. From one view point to another, you will discover some breathtaking sceneries and know more about the rich history of that area.


The participants start their trip from Iten, joining Singore Forrest per motorbike, where the trip starts. Under the guidance of a local, who explains you interesting facts about Iten and around, they move along the Elgeyo escarpment and enjoy a panoramic view. Trails are varied, from wide and firm to steeps ones, you find regular rest stops along the way.


During the hike, you can see the Cherangany and Tugen Hills which rise gently to form the western half of the Great Rift Valley to the northwest in a broken chain to Mount Moroto in Uganda. The magical land faults step, steeps escarpments and valleys covered with acacia and shrub vegetation paint a magnificent picture.


The area of Iten gives you a perfect view of the spectacular natural scenery, deep dense green forests with beautiful birds and wild animals as colobus monkeys, squirrels and rabbits. These natural forests with extraordinary climate host some undisturbed streams which water the Valley and relieves thirsty birds and animals. Many species of plants are also found as the ferns.

Once the participants reach Iten View Point, they have a fresh juice before to continue their walk until Kerio View scenery, the final view point of the day. Then, the participants walk back to Iten town.

Difficulty of the trip : Easy to Medium
Duration of the trip : 4 hours


Hike, Adventure

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