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First Bike rental station in Iten !

Updated: Apr 10

Located at The Swiss Side Shop, the first Bike rental station of Iten - Home of Champions is now available. Mountain bikes of all size are available for athletes, coaches and visitors aiming for discovering the place by bike.

The bikes types available are mountain and gravel bikes. All sizes are proposed, from S size to XL size. Most of them are unique in Kenya.

We propose you some quality Giant bikes, all frequently revised and cleaned. In case of mechanical issue during your rental, we will provide you a replacement bike in the meanwhile.

Every mechanical issue following a normal use of the bike is our responsibility. All repairing related to an inappropriate use of the bike by the user will be charged.

For every rental, a caution of Ksh 5,000/= is required, as well as an original ID / passport.

Pricing are as follow :

Kenyan Citizen / TSS Guest Others

Half-day Ksh 800/= 6.80 EUR (Ksh 1,000/=)

Full day Ksh 1,300/= 10 EUR (Ksh 1,500/=)

1 week Ksh 7,000/= 8.90 EUR per day (Ksh 9,000/=)

2 weeks Ksh 12,500/= 7.90 EUR per day (Ksh 16,000/=)

3 weeks Ksh 16,500/= 6.90 EUR per day (Ksh 21,000/=)

4 weeks Ksh 19,000/= 6.10 EUR per day (Ksh 25,000/=)

29+ days Ksh 650/= per day 5.80 EUR per day (Ksh 850/=)

Any question ? Contact us for more information :

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