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Stay for free at The Swiss Side when coming with Friends ! Special offer for groups.

The group Ltd Coaching from France came to train in Kenya in October 2023

The Swiss Side Iten launches a special offer, valid for groups of runners from 3 people. When coming as a group, you benefit of special discounts on your stay at our camp.


In the last years, Iten – Home of Champions became much more than a destination for individuals runners coming to train. More and more athletes, as well as amateur runners, appreciate to come as a group to train in high altitude.


To support this, we developed a special “Offer for group”, valid on stays starting from 1st November 2024, which allow you to come in Iten with your runner friends.


In details, here are the given discount for your group:


  • 3 runners: 5% discount for ALL RUNNERS

  • 4 runners: 10% discount for ALL RUNNERS

  • 5 runners: 15% discount for ALL RUNNERS

  • 6 runners and more: 1 runner stays FOR FREE


This offer is valid all year round, except during the peak season (21st December to 28th February). It applies on shared accommodation and full board services only, for a minimum duration of 15 nights. It does not apply on additional services such as recovery, transportation, bike rental or safaris.


Feel free to contact us for more information and to submit your camp’s project. We will be delighted to submit you a personalized offer.



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