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This day trip allows you to discover the abundant fauna and flora of Lake Baringo. A diversity that consists of the geisers of the island of Ol Kokwe, many species of birds that inhabit the shores of the lake and the rare Rothschild's giraffes of the Ruko Conservancy. A tour not to be missed for lovers of nature and animal photography.

Participants leave Iten early in the morning to descend into the valley. On the way to Baringo, they stop at Kolol View Point to admire the view and take photos. The Iten-Kabarnet road offers spectacular natural views of the surrounding countryside.

On arrival in Baringo, participants have the opportunity to have breakfast before heading to the lake which offers still cool temperatures early in the morning. They take a boat to reach the island of Ol Kokwe located in the middle of the lake, where they reach the famous hot springs (geisers). They also have the opportunity to try to boil an egg with boiling water several meters high.


Participants continue their journey to the Ruko Conservancy, a national reserve that is home to rare Rothschild's giraffes. The Ruko Community Conservancy is a project launched in 2020 to reintegrate the Rothschild's giraffe into the iconic East Rift Valley, their ancestral lands where the last giraffe died out 70 years ago. The project began when community members managed to rescue two trapped giraffes from the island in Lake Baringo which was flooded by rising waters in 2020. An amazing project that we are proud to propose you to visit.

Participants then return to the shore at the Sandai Resort Hotel for lunch. For an additional fee, they can visit the reptile park adjacent to the hotel.

After that, they set off again for Iten, stopping in the Cheploch Gorge, where local divers jump from the highest point of the gorge into the water. An impressive sight.


​Arrival in Iten at evening time.​

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