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Kenya is such an amazing country ! From the western savannah to the norder dessert passing through the sea coast on the east and the green jungle forrest on the highlands, you can meet so many contrasts of nature in a single trip.


The Swiss Side offer its services as tours and travels partner for your trip to Kenya. Thanks to our partnerships with hotels and park around, we are able to offer you the best prices of the area, combined with an incomparable flexibility for your trips (1/2 day to 14 days).

Indicate us your budget, your desires and dates of travel, and we will take care of the rest (transports, accommodations, activities, visits). On demande, we can also ensure the booking of your flight tickets and visas.

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Kessup Hike 1.png

This tour takes you on the discovery of the waterfall of Kessup, a spectacular natural waterfall located 5 km away from Iten. During an afternoon, you are guided through jungle to experience the best natural hike of the surroundings of Iten.

Rimoi National Reserve is a small reserve of 66 kilometers squared opened in March 2016 and adjacent to the Lake Kamnarok within the Rift Valley. Under the guidance of a ranger, you will covers part of the reserve and probably see big groups of elephants and various birds species. On the way back, you pass through Cheploch where local divers show you their talent.


Torok waterfall is located along the escarpment on the south side of Iten. The adventure starts to reach the start of the hike through a 4 wheel drive road. Under the guidance of a local inhabitant, you then hike to the bottom of the impressive waterfall (200 meters high) where you enjoy a view of the Great Rift Valley.

Located between Iten and Nairobi, the Nakuru National Park is the best opportunity for a one-day safari trip around Iten. Lions, white rhinos, buffalos and leopards can be seen there. The perfect option to experience kenyan wildlife for a day-off, or to combine with your trip back to Nairobi.


This 2 days tour leads you to Lake Nakuru National Park where you have a game drive in the surroundings of the lake. After the game drive, you sleep over in Naivasha. The second day, you visit a completely different park made of nature and adventures, experiencing a boat riding and a bike safari in Hells Gate.

This day trip allows you to discover the abundant fauna and flora of Lake Baringo. A diversity that consists of the geisers of the island of Ol Kokwe, many species of birds that inhabit the shores of the lake and the rare Rothschild's giraffes of the Ruko Conservancy. A tour not to be missed for lovers of nature and animal photography!


Nandi Hills is located in the south western part of Kenya, in the highlands. The scenic Nandi Hills area is known for its many Tea Estates. This tour offers you 2 options : hiking within tea plantations or experiencing a unique agro-tourism experience by following the tea processing from harvesting to the factory.

Kakamega Forrest.png

Kakamega Forest is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest and is located around 3 hours from Iten. The area is famous for its birds’ life : 367 bird species have been recorded in the forest as well as several species of butterflies. The hike in the forest leads you to a beautiful view point and to a unique butterfly farm.


Over one day, you dive deep in the natural environment of the national park surrounding Mount Elgon (4'321m). There you will visit Kitum Elephants caves and discover an amazing wildlife. If the chance is on your side, you might see some elephants.

Over one day, you will experience an amazing tour at Mount Elgon. There you will hike up to the top of Koitoboss Peak (4'221m) to enjoy a 360° view between kenyan and ugandan boarder. You will then visit the park and try to spot elephants. An amazing experience to live once a lifetime !


Masai Mara is a reserve in southwestern Kenya, close to the Tanzanian border. It is one of the best-known game parks in Kenya. A breathtaking trip to be experienced with your friends or family. From 3 to 4 days of pure pleasure, deeply rooted within wildlife and nature. A must for tourists, photographers and adventurers !

Panoramic Hike

For the duration of an afternoon, our unique panoramic walk will guide you along the majestic Rift Valley. From one view point to another, you will discover some breathtaking sceneries and know more about the rich history of that area.

Paragliding 1.jpg

Have you ever dreamt to fly like a bird, over jungle, rivers and wild animals, enjoying a thin and smooth air ? Our paragliding tandem flights will make this dream coming true, helping you to feel some sensations that will overtake all your expectations.

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