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This tour takes you on the discovery of the waterfall of Kessup, a spectacular natural waterfall located 5 km away from Iten. During an afternoon, you are guided through jungle to experience the best natural hike of the surroundings of Iten.


The hike starts after the village of Kessup and leads you from an altitude of 1’940m to 2’160m at its highest point. Its exquisite scenery, superb sights, green fields and a scenic beauty. Kessup falls is nestled in an indigenous lush green forest, secluded, beautiful and amazingly untouched.


The forest is home of a variety of primates, such as the Colobus and Diademed monkey and plenty of bird species too. Besides enjoying the breathetaking falls and surrounded scenery, one can take a plunge at the natural pool created by the river before the main fall.


Hiking is the privileged way to explore Kessup region, in order to get to transverse through sections of scrub-land, open farmlands and lush forests.


Difficulty of the trip : Moderate

Duration of the trip : approx. 3 hours

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