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Kilimanjaro is definitely an experience to live once a lifetime ! From Moshi (Tanzania), you experience a six days trekking through Marangu (lodges) or Machame (tents) routes according to your will, to reach the top of Africa. This destination requires some training and an altitude's acclimatation, for example in Iten, is recommended.


The climbing of Kilimanjaro is definitely requiring some preparation. Therefore, no worries as our agency is accompanying your throughout all your preparation. We simply advise you to contact us at least four weeks in advance to ensure a smooth preparation.

Both routes have their own program and we are glad sharing them with you on demand. Just enquire to know more about the detailed program of each day of climbing.

Difficulty : Difficult
Duration of the hike : 6 days, total of approx. 100 km & 38 hours of trekking

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