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Over one day, you dive deep in the natural environment of the national park surrounding Mount Elgon (4'321m). There you visit Kitum Elephants caves and discover an amazing wildlife. If the chance is on your side, you might see some elephants.


The participants start their journey at 4:30 AM in Iten. After two hours and a half driving through farmlands, they reach Kitale where they have breakfast (non-included). From there, they join the massif of Mount Elgon which is has been previously the highest mountain of Africa, before erosion's work.

After checking-in the park, the participants receive some historical details about the majestic mountain by the guide. Mount Elgon has an undisturbed ecosystem which acts as home to so many bird life, wildlife and various species of plants. The striking beautiful scenery is a great attraction for climbers on this mountain. 


The participants are guided through the park aiming to spot animals such as blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, leopards, bush pigs, elephants and buffalos existing in their natural state, as well as many species of birds and plants.


At some point, they start another adventure towards the Kitum caves that are dotted on the mountain. On the way to this magical point, participants appreciate the natural ecosystem constituted by so many plants and animals. While at the cave, you are able to see the spectacular waterfalls that is found on the mouth of Makingany cave. Beneath the waterfalls is a river that water the mountain and gives it the beautiful green color.


You can then continue your visit of the park and climb up to the view point that gives you an overview of the surroundings, before to head back to Iten, for an arrival in the Evening.

OPTION : Top of Mount Elgon (+ 1 day)


from Ksh 18,000/= per vehicle

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