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Located between Iten and Nairobi, the Nakuru National Park is the best opportunity for a one-day safari trip around Iten. Lions, white rhinos, buffalos and leopards can be seen there. The perfect option to experience kenyan wildlife for a day-off, or to combine with your trip back to Nairobi.


From Iten, participants begin their journey at 04:00 AM to reach Nakuru via a road that runs along the Rift Valley. If you are lucky, you will witness a magnificent sunrise while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding farmland and plantations. Around 7:30 AM, you reach the entrance to Nakuru Park (Lanet Gate).

Once in the park, you will see many wild animals: giraffes, antelopes, rhinos, zebras, buffaloes, hyenas, lions and other animals that make up the incredible animal diversity of the park. Lake Nakuru is also a paradise for bird watchers and wildlife photographers, as many species of birds inhabit the area around the salt lake. The region is world famous for its pink flamingos, present in their thousands, which feed on the algae (such as Spirulina) present in the lake. The view of the rosy reflections that dress the lake is an incredible experience, admire.

Participants can also visit a viewpoint that offers a spectacular panorama of the lake and the surrounding hills. The place lends itself to photography and allows picnics for amateurs.

At the end of the game drive, the group head to lunch (Not included). We recommend you the following places : StarbucksJava or Fishpark Resort where you can do some activities like zip lining and other outdoor activities.


Participants start the trip back in the afternoon and reach Iten in the evening.

Option : Visit of Lake Naivasha (+ 1 day)

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