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Torok is a waterfall located along the escarpment on the Great Rift Valley, on the South side of Iten. The adventure starts by reaching the start of the hike through a 4 wheels drive road. Under the guidance of a local, you hike for 3 km to the bottom of the impressive waterfall (200 meters high) where you enjoy a wide view of the Great Rift Valley.


This tour can be started at any time of the day. The journey to reach the bottom of the waterfall is initiated from Iten on the road going down the Great Rift Valley. Before to reach Kolol View Point, the vehicle leaves the tarmac road to take a 4 wheels drive way. Let's go for adventure ! 


After 6 km being driven on that path, you reach the starting point of the hike where a local guide takes you in charge. He guides you through the small village of Toror which counts a primary school. After 3 km of hike, you reach the lower part of the waterfall. Mind your steps and sensitive items as the water splashes all around (!).


You can enjoy the view and take some pictures before to hike down, to join Iten around 5 hours after you left.

Difficulty of the hike : Requires a good physical condition (the path is sometimes steep and can be slippery).

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