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Support the Community

Kenya and especially the region of Iten is living in difficult conditions. In these conditions, The Swiss Side feels its responsibility to support locals within its means : ease access to recovery for local runners and ease access to culture for families.


Since October 2022, our first social project provides free massages to local runners every Saturday afternoon thanks to the support of 3 Swiss compagnies. We are glad to offer more than 200 massages per year in Iten.


However, thanks to you, we want to do more ! If you feel like giving to support the community, please contact us.

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Free massages

One afternoon a week, this project offers free massages to local runners. This project also allows us to hire a masseur for an afternoon, contributing to the creation of one job. With your support, we can accompany up to 28 runners per week for a total of 1,450 massages per year.

Free access to cryo and sauna

One afternoon per week, this social project provides free access to our cryotherapy and sauna to 10 local runners. The access to spa can treat chronic injuries that many runners are suffering from. With your support, we can allow up to 70 runners a week to access our spa and a total of 3'640 free sessions per year.


Cultural days for families

Most families in Iten do not have access to culture. Some projects of public libraries exist but none of them has been achieved. To ease access to culture, The Swiss Side proposes to organize a "cultural day" once a month. The target is to invite the families around to play society games in the afternoon then organize an open-air cinema at night time.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation

The Gathimba Edwards Foundation (GEF) is active in Kenya since 2013 and is doing an amazing job. They support more than 600 children in the areas of Iten and Karatina. If you feel like supporting a child or visiting their projects, just visit their office which is located next to The Swiss Side Shop.

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