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Kakamega Forest is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest and is located around 3 hours from Iten. The area is famous for its birds’ life : 367 bird species have been recorded in the forest as well as several species of butterflies. The hike in the forest leads you to a beautiful view point and to a unique butterfly farm.


Kakamega Forest is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest. Bird watching, hiking and game watching can be enjoyed in the serenity of the forest. Its flora and fauna includes many species associated with the moist forest of the Guineo-Congolian region, such as various mammals including bush pigs, forest hedgehogs, colobus monkey, debrazzar monkey among many more.

Kakamega forest is an important natural habitat for conservation of avifauna as it currently provides a habitat for the highest number of forest-dependent bird species in Kenya. A record 367 bird species have been recorded in the forest making it one of Kenya’s top bird watching destinations. Notable species of birds found here includes but not limited to Turacos, Parrots, Bee-Eaters among many more.

The forests butterflies' fauna is very diverse, both regionally and continentally. Around 350 species are thought to occur, including at least one endemic species : the metisella kakamega. Insects are abundant and some are quite spectacular such as the Goliath beetles and the Flower mantis.

Flora found in the park includes some of Africa's greatest hard and softwoods, such as Red stinkwood, Elgon Teak, etc. with around 380 species of small plants like ferns and orchids, the nature offers a unique diversity. The undulating terrain with steep sided river valleys gives the forest its exceptional natural beauty.

Kakamega, a real breath to integrate into your trip.

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