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The Swiss Side launches its pacers and runners-guides service

The region of Iten may be unknown to you or you just feel that it will be hard for you to follow the kenyan groups ? No worries, The Swiss Side connects you with some runners of the village, who will guide you during your camp.

Since October 2021, we noted a real demande for pacers and runners-guides to surround our guests. On the other hand, many runners around are looking for a revenue to pay their basic monthly fees. Based on these facts, we decided to offer a pacing service to anyone interested in Iten.

This service mainly addresses runners who come in Iten for the first time and the ones who needs to be surrounded by a stronger athlete during their key-sessions. It can therefore also interest tourists aiming to discover Iten surrounded by a local.

This project creates some additional work which support the local economy. Thus, The Swiss Side is proud to reinforce its position as a socially responsible employer of Iten and a unique service provider for athletes from all levels coming for a running camp.

To book a pacer from the first day of your camp, contact us while indicating us your level and running objectives, so that we find the right person for you.

Information and booking : +254 777 699 882 //

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